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The Hatchers Playing Board Games
The Hatchers Playing Board Games

Blossom is a tabby cat that lives on Tulip Drive with her family, Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher and daughter Willow.  Blossom has good intentions, but Mrs. Hatcher does not appreciate missing buttons from her chairs, china plates crashing to the floor or frog feet floating in the baby shower punch.  Blossom tries to do the right thing but winning Mrs. Hatcher’s approval is harder than catching her own tail.


PitschiMy favorite book as a child was Pitschi, by Hans Fischer, a story of a cat striving to be something different and how his attempts to do so get him into trouble.  I think Pitschi’s character inspired me to create Blossom, a cat that finds, time and time again, that our actions can lead to unexpected consequences.


I hope you enjoy reading Blossom’s Blogs.  If you have any thoughts, questions or ideas for me, please comment.  Would you like a picture of your cat on my blog? Send your photo and I will post it.  Be sure to include his/her name!  I’d appreciate hearing from you.


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